Fuel Management Working Group

The forest surrounding Mallacoota and District is important to us all. It is our recreation and contributes to our sense of wellbeing. It also makes us vulnerable to fire. Fuel management around and within the town is one of the elements that contribute to our safety. As our climate changes, we are becoming more at risk from fire.

Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVic), combining DELWP and Parks Vic, is the responsible agency with the CFA and East Gippsland Shire Council also involved. It is their job, according to various legislations, to do the work of fuel management in our towns and parks, forests and public and private lands. Private landowners have an equal responsibility to manage their own properties and keep them clean of fuel loads.

The Mallacoota Bushfire Fuel Management Group was formed before the 2019-20 fires, but became a working group under the umbrella of MADRA after the association was formed. Group members are representatives of the above agencies, local organisations and MADRA, as well as community members.


MADRA’s Fuel Management Working Group produced an overview of the group’s intentions and progress in March 2021 to help keep the community informed about fuel management issues around Mallacoota and District.

Webinar series

MADRA’s Fuel Management Working Group has prepared a series of webinars to support learnings on fuel management.

Fuel Management Recommendations and Plans for areas around Karbeethong, Gipsy Point and Genoa, plus updates on works suggested and approved in 2021.

Fuel Management Recommendations 2023

Fuel Management Recommendations and Plans that were approved by the community at the fuel management meeting in April 2021.

Fuel Management Recommendations June 2021

On 28 April 2021, the Fuel Management Working Group community meeting was held at the Mallacoota Community Club Rooms.

Meeting Minutes - Fuel Management Working Group 28 April

We have been receiving letters from our community with concerns about vegetation and fire affected vegetation in and around the Mallacoota and district areas, we have shared these concerns with EGSC and to view their response, view here.